Saturday, November 21, 2009

5 weeks ago tomorrow...

is when we found out WE ARE EXPECTING!!!

I was waiting on that time of the month but was feeling extremely exhausted ALL the time. Hadn't been sick and had debated on taking a home pregnancy test with Joseph but knowing I've never been consistent with how many days apart, I decided to wait a few more days.

That few more days turned into the next day when I went to Target and just had to have an answer so I bought one! Got home... the box said it takes 3 minutes to get an answer. Well this result was instantaneous. There were definitely 2 pink lines staring back at me. I think I looked at it for a good 5 minutes deciding whether the one line would sink back. I even read the instructions again to be sure I was looking at it right even though on the test it CLEARLY said 2 lines= pregnant!

I immediately called Tim and Sarah for advice on how to tell Joseph! I was going to go up to his work but called to see if he was busy and told him we needed to talk. His immediate response was : "You're pregnant, aren't you!?" He was more excited than I thought he would be since we weren't trying at the moment but we know and rest assured that everything happens for a reason!

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