Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday the 13th of November

Seemed like it took FOREVER for this day to finally come!

I got to meet with the Physician Assistant and she again performed a normal exam.

By the size of our lil' peanut she estimated our due date being July 4th!

Today was extra special... I didn't get to hear the heartbeat but got to see it! It's amazing to know something so small can already have a heartbeat! What a little miracle!*

I truly don't see how someone can't believe in God when you see life growing in the womb!!

Next appt is around the corner, on the 25th! Hopefully we'll have a more accurate due date and how far along we are!

I still haven't been sick so am very thankful for that! Hoping it continues that way :) Just ready for the exhaustion to be over with!


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